Conversation with women in community networks

Carla Jancz

feminine noun
natural expression of written or spoken language, without intentional metering and not subject to regular rhythms.

Report of women involved in community network projects. These words were collected during the LOCNET project in 2019, in the communities of Marrecas, state of Rio de Janeiro and the Casa dos Menino Association of southern São Paulo.


-Edwirges, 15 years, resident of the community of Marrecas. Telecentre Monitor.
-Beatriz, 17 years, resident of São Paulo, monitor of Casa dos meninos.
-Daiane, 29 years, President of Casa dos meninos.
-Aline, 39 years, communication at Instituto Bem Estar Brasil, born in Mogi das Cruzes and volunteer in Marrecas.
-Mercia, 53 years, volunteer at Casa dos meninos.




-Research, text and layout: Carla Jancz
-Filming: Stella To and Audiovisual Team of Casa dos meninos
-Video editing: Helena Prado

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