Urban community networks – New connections between permaculture and autonomous technologies in the outskirts

Horta di gueto is a collective of Taboão da Serra, on the outskirts of São Paulo, whose goal is to bring the knowledge and practices of permaculture and agroecology to its community. The purpose of the collective is to promote the vision, work and collaboration in the suburban areas.

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Foto: Coletivo Candearte

The collective occupies a plaza in Taboão da Serra and performs permaculture activities, a movement that arose in reaction to agribusiness and mix techniques of rural wisdom with new technologies. Some examples of practices promoted by the collective are: agroecological gardening, community composting, paint workshops with earthen paint, activities for kids and a monthly agroecological fair with organic food from quilombola women farmers of Vale do Ribeira.

Taboão da Serra is an underprivileged outskirt neighborhood of São Paulo with approximately 250,000 inhabitants.

May 23 was the beginning of a partnership between the collective and Bem Estar Brazil Institute; a conversation about community networks that took place at the home of Araken, a leading member of Horta di gueto. It is there that the collective meets and works among other things in the preparation of bamboos for bioconstruction; one of its specialties.

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Foto: Carla Jancz

The initial objective of this community network would be to take the internet to the plaza occupied by the collective, and to use a system of tickets with accessible values for the community to make this access.

According to Araken, the internet would be an important tool to strengthen relationships with community residents. This community-managed access would be a tool to help new peripheral entrepreneurs disseminate their work. This is one of the proposals of the headquarters of the collective: be open to anyone who wants to develop local talent.

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Foto: Carla Jancz

During the presentation of what are community networks, the collective also showed interest in the possibility of using services beyond the internet, which could be free for the whole neighborhood. Local services such as radio and video streaming could involve a younger population and attract more people from the community to the training courses held by the collective.

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Foto: Horta di gueto

The Horta di Ghetto is an urban community that promotes autonomy and the traditional way of how the periphery collaborates, works and creates life together, an initiative that for us has a lot of synergy with the Casa dos meninos. Another “node” in the network of people redesigning urban communities through agroecological and digital technologies.

May good fruit be born of these connections!

To know more about the collective Horta di ghetto:https://www.facebook.com/hortadigueto